About Astrid

I am a fifty-foot tall purple-headed dragon....
Okay, not really, but it would be kind of cool if I was, right?
I am Astrid Lee Miles. I am your plain everyday girl, nothing different or too exciting. I love reading books and have recently started writing as well.
Although my 'About Me' descriptions are usually lighthearted and funny, I enjoy writing about serious issues. The first book I wrote was about a girl's journey to a better life after growing up in a horrendous situation. This will be the first book of a long series of people trying to better their lives after going through difficult times. I try to make these as real as possible.
If you are not into the heavy fiction, I write then try my fantasy novel(s). They are the ones written under the name A.L. Miles. These still have a serious note, but are a little more fun and imaginative.
This is me. This is my journey to greatness! Now, tell me, who are you?