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Book Review (The Devil’s Lesson: In Love by Kari Nelson)

Hello Everyone! I am back with an interesting book. It has a new take on the devil vs. angel story. The Devil's Lesson: In Love by Kari Nelson The Devils Lesson: In Love has an interesting storyline. I found myself emotionally interested, as I was able to connect with the characters. However, there were times… Continue reading Book Review (The Devil’s Lesson: In Love by Kari Nelson)

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Character Template and Book Review

Hello my lovely Readers! Today is actually kind of two things. I will be sharing my updated character template with you and doing a book review. Of course, while I was taking my break I could not completely stay away from writing. In fact, I did a lot more writing. It actually makes me wonder… Continue reading Character Template and Book Review

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Book Review (two books from Lane Whitt)

Hello my lovely readers! This is a review for the first two books in an up and coming series. At this time, both books are part of the Kindle Unlimited program. If you have the subscription you can read them for free. Finding my Pack by Lane Whitt This exciting tale is about a homeless… Continue reading Book Review (two books from Lane Whitt)