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Character Template and Book Review

Hello my lovely Readers!

Today is actually kind of two things. I will be sharing my updated character template with you and doing a book review. Of course, while I was taking my break I could not completely stay away from writing. In fact, I did a lot more writing. It actually makes me wonder if maybe I am putting undue stress on myself. I mean, I know I get hypercritical, but I think this I might be subconsciously telling myself more than I realize. Does that make sense?

Anyway, whenever I finish reading all the Kindle Unlimited books I have I try to find a few authors who do not have very many reviews. Those are the books I download and read. Well, while I was looking at new books, I found a few books about writing. Any advice can be good advice, and free advice is the best kind. I downloaded 1001 Questions to help Flesh Out Your Character by Christina Escamilla.

As I was reading the questions, I realized that there were repeats and several questions were very similar. For example, it asks if the character ever broke the law and then several questions later asks what crimes, if any, they committed. See what I mean, they are the same question, just worded differently. I think it would have been safer to say 950 questions, but nonetheless, it was helpful. Oh, it could also use a little more editing too.

I give this book a four out of five. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can download it FREE. Otherwise, you can buy it for $.99(or at least that is what it is listed at today). Personally, I do not think I would buy this book. Many of the questions you can think of yourself, and several of them I will not use. In addition, the ones that I did want to use I ended up revising. If you do not have Kindle Unlimited, maybe download the sample and see if you think it is something you would want.

As for the template, I used several of the questions that are in the book. Seeing as I do not want to get into trouble for copyrights, I will not be able to share all of it. However, I will share the first part and then if you get the book you can add whatever question you think will help you.

Get my template Here. The questions are not included, again, because I do not want to get in trouble.

Here is a screen shot as an example of how I use it.

I do have more than eleven questions, but seeing as I can’t include them in the shared template I am not posting them here.

Question Time: Who is your favorite fictional character?
This is always a difficult question. However, my answer is Helen Winters from the Clarity Series by Loretta Lost. She is one of my inspirations and reason I grew the confidence to write Recovering is an Art.
What about you? Leave a comment below or email me at

That is all for today. Keep Reading!

Ta, ta.

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