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Book Review (The Devil’s Lesson: In Love by Kari Nelson)

Hello Everyone!

I am back with an interesting book. It has a new take on the devil vs. angel story.


The Devil’s Lesson: In Love by Kari Nelson

The Devils Lesson: In Love has an interesting storyline. I found myself emotionally interested, as I was able to connect with the characters. However, there were times where I found myself skimming through descriptions. Regardless, I am glad that I finished reading it.


This is another story about an Angel and a Devil, and their life choices as they discover and decide who they are. The Angel, Cerys, has a gift of love. It is that love that becomes something that Arik, the Devil, has become attached too. The story is a struggle of right and wrong, of good and evil. There are twists and new ideas on a story that has been done before. These twist and ideas make this book new and exciting to read. No one enjoys a predictable book, and this one is not predictable. As I stated earlier, I did find myself emotionally involved with the character. I cried when they did and I was sickened when they were.


Unfortunately, I did find the story feeling slow at times. Descriptions are great, and necessary, but I think that there were times where the author went overboard. In particular, the first few chapters could have been condensed a considerable amount. This book could also use another edit for grammar and sentence structure.


Chapter One (for me location 97): “Everyone woman present…”

Chapter Two (for me location 266): “He did not want Liam to turn fallen, or be in disobedience to his angelic service would definitely result in him being turned over to the fallen.”

Chapter Two (for me location 846): “…allowing her eyes to deliberately fall on Queen Alaina.” I know this makes sense, except that the person who is doing the action has her eyes covered. To my understanding, it is not something she can see through and there is no mention of her taking the coverings off her eyes.

Chapter Five (for me location 1954): “He had been fighting for any years…”


There are more, but I do not want to post them. Anyway, even with the mistakes and long descriptions, I still enjoyed the book and will possibly read the next one. I recommend it to anyone who joys the good vs. evil plots.


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