Beta Readers Needed/ Cover Reveal

Hello Everyone!

As the title clearly  states, I need beta readers for my new book Absinthe. I have mentioned this book a few times on my old blog, but this is a first for this one. So allow me to do two things. First, here is my almost finalized cover (I have commitment issues).

Cover i- with spine- blue.jpg

I am in LOVE with this cover. I was inspired by a specific scene in the book and made this. This design will for sure be the cover, however, the colors might change (seriously, I have commitment issues).

Second, you can read the back description on the picture, but just in case you want a little something more, here is a quickie.

Absinthe is a mind reader. She set up a meeting with a potential client and was waiting for him when a man she did not want to see showed up. Her potential client was fake, and the man that showed up was thinking one thing.  If this urge was not so heavy, I would keep you around. Unfortunately, for you, I need to kill again, and you, my dear Absinthe, are going to be my victim. 

With her life on the line, she must figure out what to do next.

Bam! If you are interested in being a beta reader, please email me at or you can leave a comment below.

Do not forget to add it to your want to read category on Goodreads!

Question of the day: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
“That was a really good dream. I need to write it down and turn it into a better story.”
What about you? Leave a comment below or email me at

That is all for today. Keep Reading!

Ta, ta.

If at any time you think, “Hey, Astrid, you should do a post on [fill in blank].” Send me an email to or comment below.
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Hello, I am a lover, not a fighter. I am an author, an avid reader, and a happy wife. My contemporary fiction is serious and my fantasy fiction is filled with love and action. This is the most serious sounding "about me" I have ever written...and that is where I am going to end this.

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4 comments on “Beta Readers Needed/ Cover Reveal
  1. Akaluv says:

    My first thought when I woke up was, “I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, and I hope I get a new job soon.” I would like to beta for you, but I’m already beta-reading a story for someone else. I hope you find someone though.


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