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Book Review (Never Me by Kate Stewart)

Hello my lovely readers!

At this time, this book is part of the Kindle Unlimited program. This means that if you have the subscription to Kindle Unlimited you can read this book for FREE.

Never Me by Kate Stewart

Let me start by saying this book is for Mature Audiences Only!

I thought this was a different take on a girl who identifies herself as a whore. Nadine is a girl that will only sleep with a guy once and the more of a challenge he is the better. The opening is her trying to bed a man who has a girlfriend. It is a story about games and the girl she portrays.

For a heavily sexual romance book, it was actually written and edited very well. If you read romances that are part of Kindle Unlimited than you know that many times it is not written very well. In fact, it is usually rushed and no more than 50,00 words. This book is not like that. Never Me has a great plot and characters. The development and delivery is fluid and spectacular. The biggest thing that bothered me was the ending. I thought it should have ended a few chapters sooner. It reminded me of Gone With The Wind; every time you thought it was over it wasn’t and then when it does end you are left with some questions.

 four out of five stars

Overall if you like romance novels and a ton of sex scenes then you will most likely enjoy this book.

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