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Book Review (Gypsy Hunted by Andrea Drew)

Hello Everyone! I bring you another review. Unfortunately, it is not a very happy review. Gypsy Hunted by Andrea Drew This book held a lot of promise and ended up falling flat. I got half way through it and decided my time was better spent doing something else. The characters lacked growth. The storyline was unbelievable.… Continue reading Book Review (Gypsy Hunted by Andrea Drew)



Hello Everyone! If you have read any of my blog posts, you know that I like to ask a question at the end of each one. It is my way of getting to know you and for you to know me. The other day I was thinking, I never get into the deep and personal… Continue reading Let’s Get PERSONAL

Book Reviews

Book Review (James by Ana Elise Meyer)

James written by Ana Elsie Meyer This book is slightly complicated for me. It is one of those books that I really want to like but it is hard to enjoy. The storyline is interesting, but the writing is…meh. Most of the twists are predictable. In addition to that, the book needs more editing. This… Continue reading Book Review (James by Ana Elise Meyer)