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Book Review (James by Ana Elise Meyer)

James written by Ana Elsie Meyer


This book is slightly complicated for me. It is one of those books that I really want to like but it is hard to enjoy. The storyline is interesting, but the writing is…meh. Most of the twists are predictable. In addition to that, the book needs more editing.

This story is focused on James as he grows up and trains to become a CIA agent. He is unsure of the reasons behind the persistent psychologist question. Although, the trauma from his past weighs heavily on him. After telling someone about his memory, she dies and things go haywire.

It is an action packed book. It is meant to be suspenseful, but for me, the grammar errors and misspellings ruined the suspense. The other thing that was disappointing are objects that were moved from the same spot twice.

Here is an example: A girl got back from shopping and was upset. She threw her shopping bags on the ground in a fit of rage. After talking to two of the other characters it says this, “Chessy wiped the tears from her face, picked up her bags from the floor…” then literally one sentence later it says, “Greg walked over and picked up the dress bag and shoe bag off the floor.”
The same bags were picked up from the same spot twice.

I have another example I want to share but it is a spoiler so I will not. However, I will say that what makes the twist predictable is that they are clichés.

So I wanted to like this book more, but I just could not.


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