Book Haul

Hello Everyone!

See I told you it would be back. So, without further ado, here are four books from the massive book haul I did on my old blog. (I bought 22 books for $8. see the old blog post here)

Face The Fire by Nora Roberts

face the fire

This right here, is a good example of my brain. This is the last book in a trilogy. Do I own or have a read the other books? Nope. It looked interesting and was crazy cheap, so I bought it. Also, just in case anyone was wondering, it says it is a trilogy in three spots on the book. I apparently judged this book by its cover. Go me!

I am going to give you an idea of what the FIRST book is like INSTEAD of this one.

Nell Channing believes she has found refuge from her abusive husband on Three Sisters Island. Nell is never able to feel completely at ease. She begins for fall for Zack Todd, but she knows she cannot share this hidden part of her life with him. She knows her world could come crashing with the smallest slip-up. When she discovers that the island suffers from a terrible curse, she teams up with two strong gifted women to save her home.

Next time my library has a sale I will be looking for the first two book in this trilogy. Hopefully, they will have them so I can buy them and do a trilogy review.


All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

All the pretty horses


Hey, it is a trilogy and I actually grabbed the first one! To be honest, I only picked it up cause it has horses in the title and I love horses. That is right, I was a totally fangirl when it came to this book.

This story follows John Grady Cole as he crosses the Mexico border. John and two others go off on this adventure. They head to a dangerous place where dreams are often paid in blood.



Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald


Reading the back of this book, I am not exactly sure why I picked it out. I am not sure how to describe it, so here is the description from Goodreads.

“On the Battersea Reach of the Thames, a mixed bag of the slightly disreputable, the temporarily lost, and the patently eccentric live on houseboats, rising and falling with the great river’s tides. Belonging to neither land nor sea, they cling to one another in a motley yet kindly society. There is Maurice, by occupation a male prostitute, by happenstance a receiver of stolen goods. And Richard, a buttoned-up ex-navy man whose boat dominates the Reach. Then there is Nenna, a faithful but abandoned wife, the diffident mother of two young girls running wild on the waterfront streets.

“It is Nenna’s domestic predicament that, as it deepens, draws the relations among this scrubby community together into ever more complex and comic patterns. The result is one of Fitzgerald’s greatest triumphs, a novel the Booker judges deemed “flawless.”


Coming up for Air by Patti Callahan Henry

coming up for air

I have been on a romance kick as of late, and that is why I bought this book. I am hoping for a good tale of love and not a ton of sex.

Ellie Calvin is caught in a dying marriage and doesn’t feel like she fits in her own life. Things change when she runs into an ex-boyfriend at her mother’s funeral. The ex-boyfriend, Hutch, was working on a documentary that involved Lillian, Ellie’s mother.
When Ellie and Hutch begin working together, Ellie’s heart begins to open and feel again. They think they can work together and not fall in love. However, as the put together a story of unrequited love, they might uncover the secrets within their own hearts.


Question of the Day: What behavior do you think makes a person creepy?
I think one of the creepiest behaviors is when someone that you do not know, tries reading over your shoulder. First of all, have they never heard of personal space, and second, if I am on my phone, tablet, or computer, it is not meant for your bloody eyes. It annoys me and creeps me out.
What about you? Leave a comment below or email me at penname.books@gmail.com.

That is all for today. Keep Reading!

Ta, ta.

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