Using Texting Language in Books

Hello Everyone!

I have a little rant for you today. I was recently reading a book that had a main character texting. Here is basically how it looked.

PRT @ Amber 7


IHNI checking TTUL


Here is my rant. Not everyone is in high school and talks like an unintelligent beast when texting. This whole thing is meaningless garbage to me. I will stop reading a book immediately when this comes up. Sure I can look up every single thing and figure it out, but it would be much easier if the author would just not.

Now, that is not to say do not use any texting lingo. I just think they should keep it to simple things that everyone would know. For example LOL (laugh out loud) KK (okay). I do not even care if they use symbols instead of words & (and). I think keeping it to simple things that the majority of the population knows is how it should be written. I find it hard to believe that most people know what “NW! BYOB?” means. In case you are wondering, after much searching, I figured out it means “No way! Bring your own beer?”

I make a promise, none of my books will ever contain texting conversations like the one posted above.

Instead of a question of the day, tell me what you think about using texting language in books.

That is all for today. Keep Reading!

Ta, ta.


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