Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello Everyone!

This is the last book haul from the 22 books I bought for $8. At the bottom of the page, I will include links to all of the hauls.  Some of the posts are from my old blog. At the bottom of this page are the links to the other posts if you want to see them.


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

the-book-thiefI am fairly certain that everyone and their mothers has heard of this book. However, just in case you have somehow managed to miss it (and the movie) I will give you a short blurb.

This story is about a young girl in 1939 during the reign of Hitler. After Liesel’s foster father teaches her to read, she begins stealing books whenever she can. When Liesel’s foster family hides a jew in their basement, her world changes, not all of it for the better.

I actually bought this book having read it before and absolutely loving it. I will be picking it up again for another read soon.


Perfect Poison by Joyce and Jim Lavene

perfect-poisonMy excitement has struck again! I have once again bought a book in a series without having read the previous ones. Now the description on the back of the book does not suggest that I need to read the other ones…so I might give it a try and if I get lost I will know I need the other ones.

This book is a murder mystery. Two bodies are found with an unusual plant. The local police call the forensic botanist Peggy Lee in for help. She is happy to help, but what she discovers is more questions.

I am excited to give this a try.


The Journey by Jiro Osaragi

This next one I bought for my husband. I am not sure how to describe it so here is the back the-journeydescription.

“In clear and sophisticated prose, The Journey examines the impact of the American occupation on Japan. Osaragi presents a complex story of love and greed, in which the characters battle for their own moral redemption, embodying the struggles of post-war Japan. The title refers to the journey of life itself-traditionally regarded in Japan as one without destination. And yet, in Osaragi’s view, American influence caused the destination to become everything to the Japanese-leading to inevitable dissatisfaction and ceaseless striving.”

*Source: The Journey by Jiro Osaragi, back cover.


Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum

I found this next to The Book Theif and so I bought it (when you can get a bag of books for $8, why not try new things?)

Anyway, it is about Trudy and her discovery of her mother’s life in Germany. A life, that Anna Schlemmer had kept hidden from her daughter. It is a life that Anna refused to talk about.  It is a life full of twists and turns, unexpected and doomed love, a hardship during a horrendous war. Trudy is about to discover it all.










Question of the Day: What are you happy you are terrible at?
I am horrible at lying, except when I am lying for others. Because I am so bad at lying, everyone believes me when I am lying for someone else. It keeps me honest, unless I need to be dishonest.
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That is all for today. Keep Reading!

Ta, ta.

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