Announcement! A new book!

Hello Everyone!

I know it is not my usual day to post, but I have all my posts written out all the way until mid-November done. However, I just finished writing the second book to My Other Half. I am so excited to have the first copy done that I felt the need to announce it!

The Healer Who Needed Healing by A.L. Miles!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00061]

*Back description:
Once upon a time, a little witch loved to play with her mother. The happy child thought her life was perfect. One pain-filled night changed the life she had forever. Now faced with the lonely world around her, Andy must learn to survive on her own. When she meets Celena it seems as though she could be loved once more. It took time but Andy finally felt like she belonged somewhere once more. Bitter feelings arise when Celena finds her own mate. Feeling left alone once more, Andy tries to see the positive around her. Somehow she always ended thinking the same thing. “I know I am destined to be alone, so what is my purpose here?”

Now, unfortunately, it will not be available for purchase until next year, but I will keep all of you updated! I will be going over it again in December. After that, it will be sent to my editor. When I get it back I will make edits, set beta readers, make any final edits, and finally publish. My hope is to have it published by February! Like Absinthe, I will set up a pre-order the month before it is published.


Hello, I am a lover, not a fighter. I am an author, an avid reader, and a happy wife. My contemporary fiction is serious and my fantasy fiction is filled with love and action. This is the most serious sounding "about me" I have ever written...and that is where I am going to end this.

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