Book Haul

Ebook Haul (Vemreaux Series by Mary E. Twomey)

Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you my new favorite series! Vemreaux Series by Mary E. Twomey. I bought the first Ebook (for FREE) and after only reading 20% of the book I the rest of the series. I think the first book is always free, and the other two are part of the Kindle Unlimited program. I bought them all. I love the way this author writes. The conversations are not stiff and awkward. There is enough description to give a strong imagine, without getting too much and being bored. The character are strong and grow. So far I have not ran into jumping objects or repeated movements. The storyline is strong and interesting. So far, I am in LOVE.

Okay now about the series. This dystopian novel has a world which is divided by blood types. Blue finds herself in the lowest type, A-type blood. She grows up in The Way. Her tasks there change from day to day, but she is okay with it because her older brother is there to teach her everything she needs to know. Braid, her brother, is hard on her, but she knows it is for her safety and because he needs to teach her how to be strong. They have are the key to saving many, but they must live long enough to fulfill the prophecy.

Seriously guys, this series has me on my toes. My only hope is that the authors writing stays strong throughout the series. Once I am finished reading them I will post my review for all of them here.

Question of the Day: If a genie granted you 3 wishes what would they be?
First: I would wish for anyone who could connect and relate to my contemporary fiction would be able to find it. I write those books for people who have been hurt. I write them so people do not feel alone in this cruel world.
Second: I would wish for enough money to live out the rest of my life without needing any job other than writing as a self-published author.
Third: I would wish for anyone who intends to hurt others be hurt first…preferably in a way that would make it so they can no longer hurt others.
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That is all for today. Keep Reading!

Ta, ta.

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