Book Review (The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp)

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The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp

Please allow me to start by saying, OH MY! Sadly, I do not mean that in a good way. This book has so much potential. On some parts, it is pretty good, but then on the rest, it is difficult to read and understand. The author tries to add these…poetic (?) parts. The ideas jump around, and there are moving objects within.

Let me back up to what this book is about, because as I said, it is a really cool idea. This girl is diagnosed with a disease that makes you sleep randomly and for an unknown amount of time. When the main character, Bryn, is in this state she becomes a zombie-like person to those around her. She can still eat and drink, but she is unresponsive. When she is in this state, in her mind she is in this…alternate world that consists of places she has been in her life. In that world, she is the only person there, until this boy washes ashore. Now she needs to figure out why and what is really wrong with her.

How is that not interesting!? It is incredibly captivating all on its own, but then you get details and bits thrown at you at random. Oh and back to the poetic (I do not know how else to describe it) parts. Here is an example: “I liked to make things with just my hands- calloused fingers, heat from my palms, the sharp corner of my thumbnail.” That is the whole sentence. I would like to know who read that line and thought, “Yup, that makes sense.”

Oh! I cannot forget to mention the amount of fragment sentences this book contains. For Example: “He wasn’t the sentimental type. The desperate, divulging type.” What about the desperate divulging type? Was he that? Or is she listing other types that the guy is not?

There are also inconsistencies. For example in one chapter Bryn is complaining about the nurse she got because the nurse is bad at drawing blood and then a chapter later Bryn is saying that she has had so much blood drawn that she does not even feel the needle anymore. Just so you know, it had only been at most one weeks since the blood was drawn and she had not gotten more since that day. There were others like this one throughout the book and throughout the characters personalities.

Overall, I am disappointed. I was really looking forward to a new and interesting book. Right now the book is free on Kindle so give it a shot if you want. As for me, I am done with this series. Such a bummer.


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