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Book Review (Angelfire (Dark Angel #1): Urban Fantasy by Hanna L Peach)

Hello Everyone!

So As some of you know, I write my book reviews the day or day after I finish reading a book. However, it does not always work out that I can post a review the day I write it. This means that even though I finished this book September 28, 2016 (and wrote this post ) you are not seeing it until today, the middle of October! So to kind of catch up on all the reviews I have stored up, I am going to just do review post for the next few posts. I hope you enjoy them!

Without further ado, here is today’s review.

Angelfire (dark Angel #1): Urban Fantasy by Hanna L Peach

To be quite honest, I did not make it past 18% of this book. For all the complaints I usually have about books written this poorly. There is no set storyline, it jumps all over the place. The main character is unlikeable and impossible to connect to (unless you are self-centered and unable to pinpoint your feelings.) There are many grammar and spelling errors. Once again, this has a four-star rating on Good reads and almost a five-star rating on Amazon. The idea was so great, and the content was so poor. The whole book was enough of a mess that I cannot even give you an accurate description.

Overall, I am underwhelmed and disappointed.


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