Book Review (Vemreaux series by Mary E. Twomey)

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Sorry, but this is my FAVORITE holiday! Anway, back to the review stuff!

Just over a week ago I did a book haul post about these books. Now I am back with my review. First, let me give a quick little general description.

World War Three has come and gone. Most of the population has been wiped out and in its place are the B-Bloods. They are more commonly known as the Vemreaux. They are elite after finding the fountain of youth. The problem is, the fountain only works for B-bloods.

A-Bloods are now servants to the Vemreaux. Blue is a girl born with a lesser blood type. She lives and works in The Way, a work camp for A-Bloods. This child born of lesser blood could be the secret to saving many.

Seriously, such an exciting dystopian trilogy! Now, onto the individual reviews! Oh! One last thing, as of right now, the whole series is part of the Kindle Unlimited program, so if you have the membership, you can read ALL of them for FREE!


The Way by Mary E. Twomey

the-wayThere are very few errors in grammar. It was little things like a comma needed here or there, but nothing major. To the best of my knowledge, she had no spelling mistakes. The storyline was rich with detail and intelligent conversation. I believe that there was one point that the transition into a background story was not very smooth (I had to go back to re-read it.) Other than that, I loved it. I was not able to predict the end and was left feeling excited for the next book. Oh, and the emotions! My goodness, this book made me laugh, cry, and everything in between.


The Truth by Mary E. Twomey

the-truthI noticed a few more mistakes in grammar, but once again, I did not see any spelling errors. As for the storyline, it continues to impress. One thing I always look for in the books following the first is that the author continues to keep you attracted, and gives you new things to ponder and question. Mary does just that in this book. I thought I knew where it was going and then, BAM! She switched it up on me. I lOVED it!

Oh, I will admit that I began to notice something and it really started to bug me. Instead of saying “If you would like me to…” or just a simple, “If you would like…” it was “You want I should…” One last thing. Horses do NOT eat straw. It makes them sick. They eat alfalfa or grass (like wheat grass). Horses may also eat other grains like oats, but NO STRAW.


The Lie by Mary E. Twomey

the-lieLike the second book, this one has a few more errors than the first, but it is still just as emotion filled and action packed. Also, just like the second book, she kept you on your toes and asking questions. It was the perfect, and unpredictable ending. I am very happy with my purchase!




The whole series has been added to my list of books I will be buying hard copies of. I just LOVE them! Five stars for all of them!



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