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Book Review (The Soul’s Mark:Found by Ashley Stoyanoff)

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I think I am getting closer to being caught up with my reviews. This might be the last consecutive one…but don’t hold me to that, because I am not sure. If I the finish the three books I have lined up then there will be more if not then this blog will go back to normal. So, on with the review!

The Souls’s Mark: Found by Ashley Stoyanoff

First up, the description. Amelia Caldwell moves to Willowberg after winning a full scholarship to college. Not only will they be paying for the schooling, but they will also pay for housing, food, and any other needs that Amelia may have. After meeting her new roomates everything begins to reek of fishiness. There is something going on, and Amelia can’t figure out what. And why do they keep bringing up her birthmark? Just because it looks like the symbol for soulmate does not mean that it is.

The vampire, Mitchel Lang, has been searching for his soulmate for over a thousand years. Each time he gets close she dies. This is the closest he has ever gotten, but his fears begin to grow in a new direction when she becomes interested in other men. He feels forced into a situation which very well may blow up in his face.

Amelia and Mitch are now caught in a battle of emotions.


Okay seriously, how cool is it that this author thought of combining the soulmate/ birthmark idea with vampires! I thought it was a fantastic idea. I have not heard of other books like this, so I was quite eager to read it. I thought it was an okay read.

The start is kind of dull and all over the place. I kept having to go back and re-read because it was so jumpy and you missed things. Many of the conversations were stiff and difficult to follow. Instead of pulling the audience in and making them feel and experience the things that were happening, I felt like it was just telling.

In my opinion, the worst part is the characters.

Amelia: She is dull and the author cannot pinpoint what she is like. it starts out that she is shy, but then out of nowhere it is only sometimes. Right from the start Amelia is painted as an emotional girl, one who cries easily. However halfway through the book, she questions why she has cried so much as of late. I thought that was her personality. Apparently not…who knew? She is also prone to annoying dramatic outbursts. They come fast and at crazy times.

Mitchel: He is painted as this amazingly kind caring guy. He seems like someone who genuinely wants to show Amelia all the love he can. Then this massive angry ( and excuse my language) asshole is who he becomes! He becomes stubborn and unpredictable. I think it was supposed to be a twist, but instead, it was lame.

Angelle: She seems like the popular dressed to the T type. She is overly bubbly and helpful. She also seemed to be someone who would stick up for Amelia and cared about her. Then when a bunch of jerks start picking on Amelia she stands by and agrees with them. Oh but don’t worry, she springs back into caring about Amelia soon after.

Eric: He jumps from caring friend to horndog back to the caring friend so many times it will make your head spin!

Erin: She just cannot decide who she wants to be.

Luke: I think he is the only one who actually does not change. Unfortunately, he is the quiet type, so, of course, it is easy to keep him from changing.

I was also very upset that a lot of violent things happen all under the guise of someone loves Amelia and is just trying to protect her. This is a HORRIBLE depiction of soulmates. Obviously, in a realistic world people argue, but if your significant other is bruising you, that is BAD.

Overall, it is an okay book, but I will not be reading it again and I will not be reading the next ones.

I give this book a two-star rating. It was not worth my time.


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