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Book Review (The Changelings by Elle Casey)

Hello Everyone,

So I finished writing the previous review I posted and then finished this book…yeah I think I have a reading addiction. Anyway, here is my review.

The Changelings by Elle Casey

Okay so first of all, the title on the cover needs a change. I thought this book was called War of the Fae apparently it is not. Go figure. Geeze, hold up, I should start with the description, (Can you tell I am writing this at three in the morning?)

changelinsAfter being hurt Jayne and her best friend Tony runway. Upon arriving at the station in Miami they meet Jared. After having no solutions to their problems, they decide to follow him to his secret place for food and a safe place to sleep. When a study group offers $500 just to do some physical testing, Jayne and Tony are pulled into a whole new world.

I honestly did not read the description before I bought this book, it was free and as I stated earlier I thought the title was War of the Fae. I mean, with a title like that, who would not be interested in the book? As for the actual content, it was, meh.

The characters did have some growth, although, in my opinion, it was minimal. As for the writing, I found it lack. A few times the author jumped from past to present. For Example: “I felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there. Where would I be if I weren’t there?…I don’t know. All I did know…”  don’t or did? Or another example: “Mister Biggles is my old cat who loves to go and lay right smack in the middle of my mom’s flowers. It made her crazy because his fat butt squashed them, but it made me laugh.” he loves to do something, but it made the mom crazy? If he is still doing it then it should be it makes the mom crazy.

Sometimes sentences are worded oddly. For Example: “He seemed to be hearing an invisible person talking back, too, the way he was one minute shouting and the next minute listening to a response that neither Tony nor I could hear.” I mean, obviously we get that the dude was crazy and talking to himself, but what is up with that sentence?

The last bit I would like to touch on is the comma usage. Now, usually I am not one that is bothered by that, however, this time, I was. It only bothered me because she was not making the proper list. Example: “…he just seemed so shy and cute, scared to death of everything around him.” It should be “…he seemed so shy, cute, and scared to death of everything around him.” Or she could have even turned into two sentences. “…he seemed so shy and cute. He appeared to be scared to death of everything around him.” Or “…he seemed shy. I found it cute how he appeared to be scared to death of everything around him.” Anyway, you get what I mean.

As for the storyline, I generally liked it. The author kept it fairly interesting. She had a few twists and a decent ending. Although, I felt that some of the book was predictable. For the most part, I enjoyed Jayne’s inner dialogue. Although, I did not like how much she swore, nor did I like that she seemed to do it at random times. However, when I read the description a minute ago, it does give you a warning that she does swear a lot. So I cannot fault the author for my lack of reading descriptions before buying free books.

Overall I give it three stars. I will not be reading the next books, but I do not feel like I reading this book was a complete waste of time.



No question of the day today. As I mentioned earlier it is three in the morning…I have no brain for thinking of questions.

That is all for today. Keep Reading!

Ta, ta.

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