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Book Review (Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale)

Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you an amazing suspense. Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale. I honestly have not had time to read lately so I looked up some books to listen to. I found this one (Which at the time of me writing this is free with Kindle Unlimited) and was intrigued.

everythingWedding days are supposed to be happy, but for Aimee, it was not. “Same church. Same Flowers. Wrong ceremony.” This wedding day was now a funeral. Aimee’s fiance had left on a simple business trip,  but then he disappeared. The fiance, James. had been Aimee’s best friend since childhood. They were stuck like glue from day one, and now Aimee had to figure out how to live without him. Only she couldn’t. The day of the funeral she was approached by a woman with white-blond hair. “James is alive.” she said. Now Aimee is left questioning. Could the love of her life still be out there? If he is, then why is he not searching for her?

This book is filled with vivid descriptions. All the twists and turns keep you on your toes and into the book. It is one of the ones that you do not want to put down. I did not want to set it down even when the need to pee arose. It was just enthralling.

However, I will say that there are some cliques and the book contained a ton of stuff that was kind of ridiculous. Abuse, rape, incest, all of those are things that are talked about and happen in this story. Now, of course, I do not have a problem with that stuff, however, it is…a bit much when it is all in one book and heavily focused on a specific group of people. You kind of start to expect it after a while.

The last thing that bothered me is that it ended on a cliffhanger. I am not sure if i want to buy the next book or not. It was great, but when books end on cliffhangers I just expect all books to be like that and it makes me not want to read it.

Anyway, I give this book four stars.



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