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Series Review (Scandal at the House of Russell by Anna Stuart)

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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Today I have a series review for you. This series is about 3 sisters after their father’s unexpected death. His name ruined by his possible theft from his company. The eldest takes it upon herself to find out who killed her father and who really destroyed the company he built. These romance novels are filled with suspense, love, and mystery. At the time of me reading them, they were part of Kindle Unlimited program. You could also get the audio book, with KU, for all three books.

17817514 The first book in this trilogy is Never Kiss a Rake by Anne Stuart

This story begins with the eldest sister Bryony finding and taking a position at Lord Kilmartyn’s house. He was her father’s business partner and at the top of her suspect list. What she was not counting on is her attraction to the gorgeous man. She was sure the attraction would not be the same due to her scarred face.

I am very impressed with Anne’s characters. She is excellent at giving them a personality and sticking to it throughout the story. The character development happens in a slow and believable manner. I loved that Bryony was strong-minded but also kept humbled by her scars.


The writing is great, the story flowed nicely. Overall great. I will be buying the hard copy.






Never Trust a Pirate is book two. After a cryptic letter from her elder sister, Maddy decides to get the next target on the listbof suspects. This lands Maddy in the house of the pirate captain James Morgan.

As with the first the writing is excellent. The characters are strong and develop in a slow and perfect away. The thing that kept me hooked in this book was the fun game of cat and mouse played by Maddy and James. I especially loved the play of the two strong-willed characters.


As with the first, I plan on buying the hard copy of this book.







Never Marry a Viscount

Unfortunately, this is where I was no longer impressed. By this point the story plot felt the same and became predicable. After not hearing from her sisters, the youngest, Sophie, decides to go check out the last suspect on the list. It no longer is believable when he confuses Sophie for a whore that he hired to come live with him. Now the unbelievable part is that he does not outright question her. He only asks if a certain lady sent Sophie. Of course Sophie says yes, but she does not know what he is talking about. I found it annoying and frustrating.

There is another part that equally annoying, but it would be a spoiler. Just know that some people never bloody die and it does not make any sense.


Overall, I was not impressed with the ending. It felt predictable after reading the first two books. I do not think I will buy this one, but it just depends on how much I want to own the complete series.

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