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Book Review (In The Cards by Jamie Beck)

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I am so upset my scheduled post did not post last week! I am sorry that I messed up two weeks of posts! I have fixed the issue, so this should no longer be a problem.

In the Cards by Jamie Beck is an adorable romance book that I was happy to listen too. I would say that this novel skirts the line between romance and erotica…but maybe that is just me. There is not a ton of sex, but there is a bit of semi-explicit daydreams. (I know there is a word for that and it has completely escaped me at this time. Sorry!) Anyway, the story is about Lindsey and Levi as they meet for the second time and gradually fall for one another.

There was a mutual attraction years earlier, but after Levi had realized that Lindsey was a young girl most likely in high school, he pushed her away. Years later Lindsey leaves her charmed New York life and finds herself living next to Levi. The embarrassment from her attempt at seducing him comes back to her in full force. Levi does not seem to remember, so she puts the past aside and tries to get to know her new neighbor. After an accident, this left Levi unable to care for himself; Lindsey steps up and helps him. As she cares for him, they learn more and more about each other and themselves. Will Levi leave behind his closed off ways? Will Lindsey say goodbye to her dreaded ex and welcome a new future with Levi?


I actually really enjoyed this book. It was well written and edited. I mostly listened to it (at this time you can download the audio and e-book for free with Kindle Unlimited), but I also read along for some too. The characters had good depth to them. I enjoyed learning with them. The changes to the characters were mostly subtle.

There was a plot hole and a few times that I felt things did not quite add up. However, I did not feel like they were crucial to the story and I was able to ignore them easily.

Overall, this book was an excellent read. If you enjoy romance, I say give this a shot.

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