Update On…Me

Hello, Everyone!

I hope all you had a fantastic new year! Mine was spent talking and gaming with my husband and friends. It was a lot of fun. As with many others, as I head into the new year I have been reflecting on this past year and what I would have liked to change. Looking back has given me mixed feelings.

This time last year I was so hopeful that all the changes I had made to Recovering is an Art would have somehow been known by everyone! Of course, they did not. Three months later, I received some good feedback, but I had still not sold any copies. I made a few efforts to try and get my name out there, but it was minimal effort. Then I thought that maybe I would try publishing another book.

Well, in July I re-published an edited and updated version of My Other Half. As with Recovering, I thought that maybe putting in minimal effort would, once again, be enough to get my name out there. Go figure, it was not. Then, of course, I never learn and published Absinthe a month later. Guess what, I sold nothing, again.

Finally, it clicked that minimal effort is not enough. So I started putting more effort and more time into advertising myself and my stories. Now, there has not been a significant difference, but I have sold a couple copies of Absinthe and had a handful of people read Recovering is an Art using the Kindle Unlimited program.

Heading into this new year I have made many goals. The main one being putting more time and energy into advertising and writing. I always hear about people that make these massive life changes because they are searching for happiness. Well, I want that joy. I am so sick of waking up and dreading the day before me. Not that I hate my life, but I want it to be different. I want to have more days that I can look forward to then days that I wish would disappear.

I am going to write.

I am going to advertise my hard work.

I am going to give myself a chance.

My husband has been struggling with his health this last year. Yesterday, during one of our many talks, I told him that it seemed like he was afraid to try things because he was scared that he will fail. Then, I realized, so am I.

The truth is, I do not have many followers. I do not have many readers. And I am terrified that what I write will not be relatable to anyone. When I get writers block, it is because I think that no one will like my ideas. TO HELL WITH THAT THOUGHT PROCESS.

Today, I am freeing myself from that.

So hello to those of you who are new. Goodbye to those that are negative Nacy’s.

I look forward to this year and the challenges that I have laid out for myself.


Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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