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Hello, Everyone!

Last week we talked about how I make my outlines. This week I am going to talk about how I turn those index cards into full-length chapters/ novel.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

I am going to continue to use The Healer Who Needed Healing as my example. Now I do not have a version of this whole process saved. I also started writing this novel before I started doing this outlining process. To make this work I typed up basically what it would have been like and now showing you screenshots of that.

I know that the pictures contain errors. Please keep in mind that I spent half an hour typing all of this up to show you a process that I typically spend hours on and that I am human. Thanks!

Here is my Preface card:



The first thing I do is write the information from the card in my document.


Pretty self-explanatory.

Now add SOME detail

To be completely honest, I usually do this and the next step in a notebook. I find I get my best ideas down that way.



Add more detail and conversations

This is the other one I typically do in a notebook and transfer to typing after this step. I use the speech to text on Google Docs or on my tablet for a quick switch.





Take your description cards and use them to add more information about the characters and where they are.


(This step takes the longest, so I just showed you what this would look like by only adding Zayne’s description and Andy’s bedroom description)




Add more detail then edit all of it yourself.

It will end up looking like THIS. (I am still accepting beta readers for this novel, please click HERE to sign up)

Now send your completed manuscript to your editor!

Once you get it back, make the changes that they suggested/ you agree with. After that you need to and either send it back or publish. This process has helped me significantly. Now my novels organized and concise. I hope that it will also help you.


Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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