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The Struggle

Hello, Everyone!

I have been having a bit of a difficult time this last week with my computer. First, I managed to delete the completed, but not edited, The Healer Who Needed Healing book. I cried on and off for three hours as my husband worked to get the file back. The recovered file was corrupt. He had to do smart computer things to find some obscure semi-saved copy that was in “computer language” then he had to change it into plain English.

Basically, after three hours, he got it figured out. Then, my entire computer decided to stop working. He has been working on it for days now. We ended up having to wipe the C drive and start fresh. Thankfully, everything is back to normal. However, with all of the stress from the week, I thought it would be a perfect time to bring up how important it is to have backups of EVERYTHING!

Usually, once a week I have a flash drive that I place any new files and updated files on. Unfortunately, as of late, I have been slothful and have not used it. Whatever happened to the software on my computer to make it freak out could have been prevented if I had my backups. All of the added stress could have been prevented.

Here are three backup options:

  1. Flash Drive (the one I use) – These are super easy to use. You plug them into your computer and copy the files you want onto it. Then SAFELY remove it, and that is it. I have a few of these. Each one has all of the most import information on them (book files, outlines, book covers, etc.)
  2. 2. Google Docs (or a program like it) – Now I do not keep the things I write on any online program because I worry that it could be stolen. However, it is very unlikely that someone would steal it.  I know that some writers even write entire books using this kind of program. YOU STILL NEED A BACKUP. You never know when something can go wrong.
  3. Email – I have several friends and family members that read everything I write before anyone does. While I do not send incomplete stories to anyone, I do send a restricted completed file before my Beta readers receive a copy.

No matter what, you should always have at least TWO backups.

One last announcement for today. Even with all of my problems, The Healer Who Needed Healing, is complete and ready for my Beta readers. If you have been selected, will be sending out the copies this week. If you would like to be a Beta reader, you will find the signup HERE.

The pre-order is setup and ready to go! I changed the cover and would like to share the new one with you. I still do not like the synopsis and will be changing it soon, but here it is.

Cover A.jpg

What do you think?

You can find the original photo Here. Thank you, Jerzy Gorecki for the picture!

I will get the review I promised all of you up next week! Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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