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Series Review (The Muirwood Trilogy by Jeff Wheeler)

Hello, Everyone!

As promised, I have a trilogy that I enjoyed reading/ listening to. This entire series is currently part of the Kindle Unlimited Program. The first two books can include the audiobook in the “read for free” deal with Kindle Unlimited.

MuirLia Cook is a young girl. She is a wretched; an orphan of unknown origin. She was abandoned on the Muirwood Abby doorsteps as a baby. As with all Wretcheds, she is destined to work for the Abby until her eighteenth birthday. After that, she may leave and do as she pleases. But when a Maston pounds on the kitchen door late one night, her perceived destiny changes. She is charged with saving an injured squire and keeping him hidden.

When the squire wakes, he promises Lia and Sowe, the other girl that works in the kitchen with Lia, whatever they desire. Lia immediately asks for him to promise to teach her to read. Wretcheds are not to be taught to read, but the Medium, a power which is bestowed only upon the worthy, whispers to him to agree. When an evil man comes searching for the squire, Lia keeps her promise and hides the squire in a place that no one is allowed to go to. So begins Lia’s adventure to save those she cares most about.

So begins Lia’s adventure to save those she cares most about. It is a venture in which she will learn much and be tested at every turn. Can she save the people she needs? Can she follow the Medium’s wishes? Can she fulfill her true destiny?


I really hope that description does this series justice. I will not lie. Personally, I feel like the story started out kind of bland. However, it blossomed into the fantastic tale. Here is what I think of each of the individual books.

The Wretched of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler

As I just said, this one started out kind of slow. However, I was not confused about who the character are. Even though there are many, the author introduced them in a timely manner and managed to make them rememberable.  Same with all the information you need to understand what is going on. You learn with the main character. I found that when she came to conclusions, you were also lead to the same conclusion with her. So, for me, I did not have any of those moments where I think “Duh, so and so did this and is this. I figured that out three chapters ago, you stupid person!” There are books I have read in the past that made me think that.

As for the plot, I believe it was a pleasant one. I felt like the story was progressing and had a perfect, and unpredictable, climax. To me, it seems as if the author took his time working this story out. It was not choppy or jumping from place to place. I did not notice inconsistencies in the story or characters. Some reviews that I have read said that they felt like this story was like many others, but I disagree. I think that Jeff, the author, brought something new to the table.

Sure at the very basics, it is like others. However, he added so many of his own thoughts and ideas to it, that is what separates it from others. To me, that is what makes an author great. Many plots are the same when you strip it down to the bone, but when the author adds flesh, they should bring something new to the table. I think Jeff did a great job at doing just that.

As for grammar and spelling, I do not have much to say. I mostly listened to the audio. Becuase of that, I do not know how he did with spelling. For the grammar, I cannot recall any obvious mistakes. However, I am not so good at pick up on those when I am listening to books.

Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend.




I will not be giving a description of this book. I do this because I do not want to provide any spoilers for the first book.

Unlike the first book, I feel like this one did not start out too slow. It picked up close to where the last one ended. As with the first book, we continue to learn with the main character. The author, once again, does an excellent job of leading us to realizations at the same time as the main character. I always go into second books hoping to get a story that is at least as good as the first story. But, I always want it to exceed my expectations.


I would not say that the author outdid himself, but he did a great job of at least writing something as good as the first book. And, once again, the plot was well thought out. There are plenty of twists that kept the book unpredictable. There are, however, some parts that I felt were kind of cheesy. But it was easy to overlook.

Same as the first book for grammar and spelling. I listened to the audio and did not notice anything.

Overall, still enjoyable.


Muirwood 3

As with the last book, I will not give a description so there no spoilers for the other books.

I have noticed something about myself lately. By the time I read a few books from the same author, I get bored. That is what happened to this book.

I struggled to get this book started. Not because it was not a good book. Not because the plot suddenly fell and become monotonous. Because that is not what happened. What happened is that I got sick of the authors writing style staying the same.

The story was no better or worse than the first two books. The plot had no holes. It did not jump around or change suddenly. The characters just became bland to me. Some of them became predictable. It was still a good book. But it took me until I was 60% of the way through it before I felt that excitement that made it difficult to put down.

I did notice a few grammar mistakes this time because I was reading instead of listening.

Overall it was still enjoyable, but I did get bored with the style of writing.


I do recommend reading this book trilogy. As always, if you have read it, I would love to hear what you think.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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