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Book Review (Servents of Fate, Books One and Two by Sarah Fine)

Hello, Everyone!

I started reading a new series. In all honesty, I did not read the description. I just picked the first book I found that allowed me to also download the audio book for free. At this time, this book is part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

Marked by Sarah Fine

markedFinding a well-paying job in a flooded post-apocalyptic world it not easy. So when Eli Margolis’ sister is offered a great job so she can do her research, the siblings are excited to begin their new lives.

Eli is a paramedic and though saving lives is difficult, it is something he enjoys. However, the organ harvesting pirates do nothing to make things easier. The immediate attraction for his new paramedic partner does nothing to help either. What Eli does not realize is that Cacy Ferry is unique in ways that he cannot even begin to imagine. Cacy is a Ferry, it is her responsibility to ferry souls to the afterlife. When trouble starts to stir it is this unlikely partnership that must step up and save the day.

Okay, let me start by saying that this is in the “romance” genre. However, it is more akin to erotica. Remember how I stated that I did not read the description and just began listening to the story. Yeah, well imagine my surprise when an interesting book commenced talking about a girl’s “hard nipples” it kind of threw me off. To be completely honest, the “romance” seems forced…and utterly annoying. You never know when it will suddenly jump in. It is almost as if the author wrote a decent post-apocalyptic story and decided to throw sex in hopes of getting more of an audience. But it was not done in a tasteful way. I truly mean it when I say that it seems as if she just threw in at random. It was distracting, and mostly terrible.

However, looking at the book as a whole was not too bad. The story without the overdone sex scenes and fantasies is enthralling. I stayed up way too late just to read it. I drank way more caffeine than normal just so I would stay awake at work all because iI kept reading. The author had some unpredictable twists in this book. Plus the grammar was decent.

So overall, not terrible, but not great. Obviously, I enjoyed the book enough to read the second book. As usual, I hoped that the author’s writing would improve and the second book would be better. It was not…not even close to as good as the first.

Claimed by Sarah Fine

claimedI do not know how to describe this without giving away some parts of the first book. So just know that this one is about Galena (Eli’s sister) and Dec (Cacy’s brother) They are now the ones wanting each other, and something bad is going on in the background that forces them to make a choice.

For me, this series went from, not too bad to absolutely predictable and lame. I honestly considered not finishing it. The grammar is not too bad. The writing style is decent. The story is regurgitated romance where the girl is constantly thinking “I don’t deserve this amazing man,” and the guy is thinking “how can I make her feel better. God, I hope she loves me.” The romance seems forced in this one as well.

Not only was the romance predictable, but so was the actual background story. I literally figured out who was causing the problem within the first three chapters. This book was a waste of my time.

I will not be finishing the series.

That is all for today. Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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