Royalties And Why The Price Jump?

Hello, Everyone!

This post is going to be a quick one about the pricing for The Healer Who Needed Healing and how I make money selling books. Some of you are here for the book reviews, and some are here for the writing information I occasionally hand out. If you are in the first group, next week I have more reviews for you, and I hope you have a lovely week. If you are the second group, hello and I hope this answers some questions you have.

As you can see, My Other Half is just under a dollar, but book two is set for $1.75. Here is the thing, I am a self-published author. I publish ebooks through Amazon and paperback books through Createspace (owned by Amazon). Of course, they are not going to do this for free. Every time I sell a book, they take a portion. The way Amazon is set up, you can pick what percentage you get. However, you only have two options.

One you can have 35%. This means that the books priced at $0.99 I only make $0.35 per book sold. So if I sell 100 copies, I will make $35.00. That is great, but it is not exactly something you can live off of. My end goal is to be able to write full time. That means I need to make more than that.

Option two is 70%. There is a catch. Your book cannot be priced lower than $2.99. If I sell 100 copies of that book, I can make $204.00. Now that is just off of one book. That gets me much closer to being able to write and blog all I want.

Reading through this I get that it sounds like I am only about money and not my readers. I am sorry that it seems that way. To help it be better for all of you, I will make you a few promises. I promise that none of my e-book novellas will ever be priced above $2.99. I also promise that none of my full-length e-book novels will ever be priced above $5.00. In addition to those, I promise most (if not all and for as long as it makes sense and is possible) that my books will be available through Kindle Unlimited Reading Program.

ALL of my books are part of the Kindle Unlimited program now. This means that I am no longer selling the e-book anywhere but Amazon. The reason I did this is that I have sold 10 times as many copies of Absinthe and My Other Half on Amazon than on Smashwords and other outlets. The paperbacks will still be available through others, but the ebook will only be on Amazon.

There is also one more deal that I want to make sure everyone knows about. If you bought the paperback copy of ANY of my books through Amazon, you should be able to get the e-book for FREE. Keep that in mind.

I promise to do my best to keep my prices reasonable. I promise to do everything I can to get my books out in the timeframe that I give you. Most importantly, I promise that I will keep learning and working on improving my writing.

Thank you for all of your support.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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