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Book Review (Wicked Cravings and Carnal Secrets by Suzanne Wright)

Hello, Everyone!

I realized something this week. When I feel kind of crappy, I gravitate towards romance novels. I think my last three reviews have been on them. I hope you aren’t sick of it because right now I have two more reviews for romance novels. I promise that the next couple of reviews will not be romance.

Anyway, here are the reviews for this week.

Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright



Carnal Secrets by Suzanne Wright


I am going to do something a little different. I am writing one review for two books. When you look at the very basic storyline, they are pretty much the same book.

*Quick clarification, Wicked Cravings is book #2 in the series and Carnal Secrets is book #3. I did not read book #1.*

Basic Description: She wants him, but he appears as if he does not want her. After being repeatedly hurt by his lack of interest, she pulls away from him. Only now does he realize how much he truly cares and needs her. But she has been hurt too much to give in. It becomes a battle of wills and a fight against instincts.

Book two was enjoyable enough. I kind of figured out what was going to happen. It was one of those times that you think you know, but you aren’t sure until you get to the part where everything is revealed.  The sex scenes are always ‘meh’ to me. But I noticed something when I got to the third book. This author is obsessed with going in the backdoor. Every male character was like “I own every hole you have, and I am going to prove it my ramming myself up your butt.” According to another review for one of the books, this appears to be something that happens is the first book. Seems monotonous to me.

Book three is the same as the second book, except that it was entirely predictable to me. I figured out the bad guys and what was going to happen almost as soon as the characters were introduced into the storyline.

The authors writing is decent. I did not notice many errors in grammar or spelling. I do not regret reading the books, but I also will not be reading the rest of the series.

That is all for today!

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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