Book Haul

Book Haul!

Hello, Everyone!

I have a few book hauls that I will be spreading out over the next few months. This first one are books that I have read and wanted to read again to see if my opinion has changed. Also, I did buy Eclipse, but I could not find it for the picture, sorry!


All-American Girl by Meg Cabot

All american

“Top Ten Reasons Samantha Madison is in Deep Trouble

10. Her big sister is the most popular girl in school

9. Her little sister is a certified genius

8. She’s in love with her big sister’s boyfriend

7. She got caught selling celebrity portraits in school

6. And now she’s being forced to take art classes

5. She’s just saved the president of the United States from an assassination attempt

4. So the whole world thinks she is a hero

3. Even though Sam knows she is far, far from being a hero

2. And now she’s been appointed teen ambassador to the UN

And the number-one reason Sam’s life is over?

1. The president’s son just might be in love with her”

*Source: Goodreads


I first read this book in 8th grade. I LOVED it and always wanted to buy it. When I saw it at my library book sale, I could not help but get it. At the time of me writing this post, I have already read it again. You will have to wait until I post the review to learn if I still love it or if it left my underwhelmed.


Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

If you have been hiding under a rock for the last ten years, then allow me to explain this series. An idiotic human falls in love becomes unhealthily obsessed with a vampire. It somehow became the best romance novel of its time. Can you tell that I do not have a positive opinion of this book? I would like to note that I have nothing against Stephine Meyer. I love The Host, also written by her. I just believe that the story in Twilight is not very good.

I bought it anyway. I am curious if time will change my opinion or if I still think it is s silly book. Like with the previous book. At the time of me writing this post, I have already re-read this series. Also, like the previous book, you will have to wait until I post my review to see if my opinion has changed.


That is all I have for you today. Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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