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Re-Read Book Review (Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer)

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Please allow me to start this off by saying I have NEVER been a fan of Twilight. When it first came out, I was a pesky teen that scoffed at the “popular” things around me. When everyone said I had to read this book, I refused. In fact, if I remember correctly, I first read this saga two years ago. I have seen every movie, but ONLY because my best friend, Andy (yes the witch in The Healer Who Needed Healing is roughly based off her) LOVED the books. Of course, all the movies came out around her birthday and every single year that was one of my gifts to her. I would suffer through the film that she wanted to see. Ain’t love grand!

Anyway, a couple of years ago I thought, “I have seen all the movies, why don’t I read the books. Books are usually better than the movies, who knows, maybe I will like it.” I read them, and I was not impressed. I would like to think that my younger self would have thought the same thing, but I honestly think I would have given into the “romantic’ aspect of the story. Okay, enough of my ramblings, on with the review!

Twilight by Stephine Meyer


Astrid’s Description:

An undeveloped girl, Bella, selflessly moves to a small town to bring her mother happiness. Upon seeing her father, there is an immediate awkwardness that lingers in every conversation and scene they have together. Throughout Bella’s first day of school, she angerly corrects everyone on their use of her real name. But she says little else to any of her classmates. The only people she is actually interested in are the Cullens. They are a strange and very beautiful family that moved to the small town of Forks two years earlier. Bella takes a particular interest in Edward. A boy that is somehow more handsome than the others. Their weird relationship starts with him being rude to Bella. However, the second he apologizes, it is as if he had never said or done anything to Bella. When Bella finds out that he is a vampire, instead of being afraid for her life, she wanted him even more. Because who the hell cares about their own life, right? A human with a vampire is bound to eventually bring trouble and trouble is definitely what they found.


All right, so here is a quick list of everything (that I can think of) that bothers me in this book.

  1. All of the characters do absurdly awkward things.
  2. Bella’s relationship with her father never gets beyond that awkwardness. There is a difference between a quite relationship and an awkward one.
  3. Bella is emotionless until it becomes convenient for her to have emotions.
  4. You are told a lot of information instead of shown. You are also given useless information.
  5. Edward watches Bella sleep before they became “friends” and she is okay with it. What kind of response it that? A bloody stranger is watching you sleep!

Here is a little taste of what I am talking about.

  1. Page 329 Bella is crying, and Edward does this.
    “He touched the corner of my eye, trapping one I missed. He lifted his finger, examining the drop of moisture broodingly. Then, so quickly I couldn’t be positive that he really did, he put his finger to his mouth to taste it.”
    You cannot tell me that is normal behavior. It is odd and gross.
  2. Page 295 Charlie, Bella’s father, was gone all day fishing. When he got home, this was their conversation. Keep in mind Bella has now lived with him for a couple of months, they should be on better talking terms now. Also, Bella spent the entire day with Edward and had no need to rush off to see him.
    “‘How was  your day?’ I asked. The words were rushed; I was dying to escape to my room. [to see Edward]
    ‘Good. The fish were biting…how about you? Did you get everything done that you wanted to?’
    ‘Not really     it was too nice out to stay indoors.’ I took another big bite.
    ‘It was a nice day,’ he agreed. What an understatement, I thought to myself.”
    I get that she wants to go see this guy she is crushing on, but the conversation with her dad is stiff. Why is it that the only relationship she intends to work on, is the one with a vampire? It is irritating and not how people behave.
  3. Page 326-329 Bella cries at a song that Edward is playing, but they are also talking about the house, the coming vampires, and his family. Yet, with the conversations, she cries at the song he has been playing the entire time? Where is the reason?
  4. It is mostly the useless information that bothers me. I don’t really need to know what was made for dinner or what Bella had for breakfast. Though, I do understand that it can help add substances to a character. I guess I just wish there was more to give us than her meals. Does that make sense?
  5. This last one is mostly the creep factor. I mean I am sure all of us are guilty of watching someone we love sleep. But come on, he was doing it since the day he decided to try to be nice to her! That is disturbing! Page 303 “‘Do you remember the day Mike asked you to the dance?’
    I nodded, though I remembered that day for a different reason. “The day you started talking to me again.”

    “That was the first night I came here. I wrestled all night, while watching you sleep…”
    What does Bella do? Nothing! She gets caught up in the fact that he was jealous. Just ARGH! Will someone please tell me that I am not insane and that there should be a more rational response?
  6. One more thing that I did not list above. This book promotes taking the blame for things that are not under your control. Edward gets pissed at a situation or his lack of control, and Bella blames herself. Like, okay it is your fault that you are human and have blood in your veins! In case you missed it, I was being sarcastic. There is little argument given to show that this thinking is WRONG.


New Moon

new moon

Astrid’s Description:

Instead of working out problems in a relationship, Edward runs away. He rips Bella’s heart out by lying to her and saying that he never loved her. You get to spend an entire novel reading about her depression and insanity. Yes, I mean insanity because she learns that if she does “dangerous” things, then she can “see” Edward. Bella also uses her friend Jacob to make her feel better. Who cares about his needs though, right?


Everything that bothers me is in the description. Edward runs away to give Bella a chance at a better life. You cannot tell me that a boy that has been alive for ninety years is not going to understand how relationships should work. Sure, I do not believe that he is the best thing for her, but to run away instead of talk to her, come on! Then Bella is depressed in such a terrible way that she cuts herself off from everyone. Including her parents. She loses weight and is basically a shell of a person. Then Bella starts doing things that trigger an adrenaline rush just so she can have this ridiculous vision of Edward. All the while using Jacob to get these visions.

Bella and Jacob develop an easy friendship, but she knows he wants more than that. However, Bella has sworn not to go there. Except that she begins to wonder if she could go there just so no one else can lay claim to him. Even Bella talks about how selfish that is of her. Yet she does nothing to stop seeing him. When he pulls away, she does everything she can to pull him back to her. Let him go! If she cared, she would. I get that it is needed for the saga to make sense, but still, she could have tried to not hurt him.

The pattern of mainly focusing on her friendship with Edward is still in a book where he is supposed to be gone.

One more thing that I almost forgot about. The Cullen’s lived in the area for two-ish years before the Quileute boys began shifting. Yes, Stephine does say that they have to become of age, but then Seth proves that wrong when he turns at fourteen, and the other boys did not begin shifting until they were fifteen. It does not add up. Were there no kids between eighteen (Sam, the first one) and fifteen (The other that shifted after they turned the “right” age) that had the “unique” gene?




Astrid’s Description:

Clothing and a pillow are stolen, an angered vampire is out to get Bella, and the Volturi insist she needs to be turned or killed. The Cullen, Jacob, and Bella spend the majority of the story arguing and worrying about them. Oh, and Edward is not okay with Bella hanging out with Jacob, but her being with bloodthirsty vampires is whatever. I roll my eyes. At least you see Bella branching out and interacting/ making relationships with someone other than Edward. Though he is, of course, at the center.


I actually do not mind this book too much. The writing has improved from the first ones. However, it does bother me that Edward is so against Bella hanging out with Jacob. I don’t get it. Sure, the wolves are supposed to be dangerous, but you cannot tell me that she is any safer with vampires. Wasn’t that proven in the previous book when Jasper wanted to kill her because Bella got a paper cut? The other vampires had an equally difficult time when Edward pushed Bella back, and she ended up with a gash in her arm. What, so an angry wolf is supposedly more dangerous than that? Honestly, to me it just makes Edward controlling.

I also hate that Bella seems to only have two options for guys she cares about. One is a controlling vampire that takes out his frustrations on her and then does nothing when she lets him. The other is a guy that is consistently ignoring her boundaries because he “knows” her. Bella sucks at reacting on her behalf. Maybe that is how she is supposed to be, but I do not like what it teaches young readers.


Breaking Dawn

breaking dawn

Astrid’s Description:

If Bella has not already proven to be insane, she does in this book. Sex with a vampire, what could be better? Oh, those bruises on her body, they don’t matter, because Sex is AMAZING! Only now does this girl that has wanted to a vampire almost as soon as she figured out what Edward was, now wants to be human so he can keep bruising her…I mean have sex with her.

If that is not crazy enough, she insists on keeping a baby that is killing her. Literally sucking her life away. Then when all of that is said and done you are shown a building epic fight that… SPOILER ALERT… Never Happens!

This book proves insanity and abuse then it never really gives you a satisfying climax. It was as if the author got bored with the saga and just wanted it to end. Though the book is long, it is filled with useless ramblings and ridiculous characters. I sincerely hope that this saga is not Stephine’s idea of what love is like, because this is an abusive relationship regardless of your Edward or Jacob stance. Neither are good for Bella.


Please let it be known that I have nothing against Stephine. I loved her book The Host. Though, to be fair and even though Goodreads says differently, I have not read this for many years. I will have to add it to my list for Re-Read Reviews. Last I read the book I really liked it. The Twilight Saga just is not a healthy relationship, and that always bothers me. I have said that I do not like books that support unhealthy relationships, and I stand by that.

Anyway, that is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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