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Book Review (Gone with the Wolf by Kristen Miller)

Hello, Everyone!

I am taking a quick break in reviewing books that I have read. The next couple of reviews will be something that was new for me. Kicking us off is Gone with the Wolf by Kristen Miller.

gone with the wolf

Astrid’s Description: A woman, in a stereotypical overreaction, goes to work for a guy that claims to own her bar. She had emailed in on several occasions and was seemingly given no answer. You later find out that she was answered, she just did not like the answer that she was given. Anyway, she is now working part-time for a man that she hates. While attending a work party, she meets a handsome man. She drunkenly reveals her reasons for being at that company. Oh course, like with all romance novels, she feels instantly attracted to him and wants to find him the next day she was working.

Werewolf alpha and CEO Drake Wilder is a bit lonely, but he had long given up on finding his true mate. It is an impossible task to begin with. When he feels an attraction for a girl that wanted to do a business tango with him, he happily accepts. Though he finds it hard to accept that she could be the mate he had given up on.

Oh and this would be no kind of a wolf book if we did not have the evil twin brother trying to kill Drake’s mate.


While this book follows many of the romance stereotypes, I still found it interesting. It presented in ways that it had not been portrayed before. Or at least in new ways from what I have read. The plot was fairly well developed, though there were a few inconsistencies. The one I mentioned in my description is that at first, it says that the girl received no response to her emails, but then later they say that she had received a response and that it was that they owned the bar and that she did not. However, that is not much of a problem. Likewise, the other holes and inconsistencies are not too big of a deal. The characters do develop, but it seems a little rushed, and at times it is sudden.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I do not plan on reading the others in the series at this time, but I may in the future.


That is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

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