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Hello, Everyone!

I know I said I would post the rest of the review for the trilogy today, but I changed my mind. Sorry, not sorry?

Look I had something I needed to say, and this is the place I have to say something and actually reach some people. Admittedly not many of you read my posts, but a few do, and that is good enough for me. Here is the deal. Those of you that read all my posts and not just the book reviews know that I am constantly trying to better my writing. I am aware that I am not the best writer in the world. I will admit that I am terrible with my homophones and when to use then vs. than. I know that I tend to over describe things. BUT, I am learning about those subjects and getting better with them. Or so I think. Without constructive criticism, I would not know that I was bad with that grammar related stuff. That is the purpose of book reviews.

If there a part of my book you think is stupid, tell me. Did I use “tried” instead of “tired”? Tell me. (By the way, that is a legit example, Yay dyslexia!) Did I tell you something had the scent of a rose only to follow that sentence telling you it had a floral scent? Please, for the love of writing and reading, tell me. These are things I can learn to look for and change. Without the reader’s input, how am I to know how I did with my story?

On the other hand, if there were parts that you enjoyed, please tell me. I want to know what I am doing right and what needs improvement. The reason I want your opinion is so I know how to proceed in what I am doing. The ideas in my stories are mine. However, I am selling you my product, why not tell me what you want to be improved in the future?

With my free book sales last few months, I have given away just over 100 books. But, I have been given no input. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Was the story a waste of time for you? I have a few books I am working on right now, and I do not know if I should proceed the way I have been or if something needs a change.

I want to give you, my readers, a good product. Please, leave me a review on whatever platform you bought it. Or you can leave one on Goodreads. I check those reviews regularly too. Or you can shoot me a quick email ( or use the “contact me” page on this website)

That is all for today. Thank you to those of you who have read to this point in this post. I will be setting up another sale for Recovering is an Art on Friday. This will be my only announcement of it.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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