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Book Review (Blaque Beauty Collection by Erin Lee Daniels)

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Before I get into the review I wanted to let you all of you know that there will be some fun announcements in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for those! Now onto the review!

First off, these are a collection of books, not a series. Basically, you can read the second one first and not be confused. That is what I did. And to be totally upfront, the author and I did a review swap. After I read the first half of Blaque Beauty and the Rancher I decided to read the first book. Those of you that have been here for a while know that I usually do not read previous books if I have read the second one first. But I enjoyed her writing that much. Anway, I am getting ahead of myself. Individual reviews coming up!


Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire by Erin Lee Daniels


Astrid’s Description: Marlee Winters is at the top of her game. As an assistant to a well-known interior designer, there were few areas of her life that she felt needed a change. Including her non-existent love life. So when she meets a stranger and feels an instant connection she is a bit surprised.

Marc is a big time billionaire. It was simple for him to obtain the things he wanted. The thing he wanted was Marlee Winters. He did not care that she was technically working for him. He wanted her, and he was going to do everything he could to get her.


I believe that this is Erin’s debut novel, or so it seems. I loved the idea and I loved her use of words. Her descriptions are spot on.

Example: “She was a vision- willowy and graceful looking, like a dancer, with a complexion that was a shade of brown so warm it made him instantly think of a glass of fine, Italian amaretto.”

It draws a fantastic picture to your mind, does it not?

Love her, love her writing style, but the plot could have used a little bit more fine tuning. A few times the ideas would jump from one thing to another. I had to re-read a few parts because of that. The other thing that was more of a bummer than bad was that because it is a short story it feels a bit rushed. I wanted more substance between the last chapter and epilog.

It was still a good book, and I think romance lovers should give it a shot. I would say it is a romance with a bit more emphasis sex than in some romance novels.

This collection of books are part of the Kindle Unlimited Program. There is no harm in giving it a shot if you can download it for free!


Blaque Beauty and the Rancher by Erin Lee Daniels

rancher Astrid’s Description: What is a girl to do when she is in love with one of her close friends? Not only is he her friend but he is also her best friend’s brother. Carly is back in Montana for a weekend. Seeing her friends, who might as well be family, and celebrating Oma’s Birthday. The weekend starts out perfect as she clicks back into place with Josh, who she has not seen in six years. But then on day two, he is acting strange…rude really. Carly is hurt and confused, but Josh was doing what he thought was best.

To conserve a friendship Josh kept quiet about his love, which goes beyond friendship, for his friend Carly. He thought that he could be his old self with her, but it was impossible to pretend that he did not feel more for her. So he did what he thought was best, he shut her out.


This book honestly had me captured before I finished the prolog. That is rare for me. I usually have to push myself to read the first three chapters before deciding to either finish or stop reading a book. Erin has impeccable writing. Her descriptions come at the perfect moments and do not repeat themselves. The words she uses are easy to understand, but not too simple. Does that make sense?

Here is an example: Instead of saying “he held his hair up.” she said, “Joshua held out a lock of his nearly white-blond hair and raised his eyebrows.” That sentence gives you so much more to see in your mind’s eye. I love it!

Oh, and it is a romance, not erotica. There is only one sex scene and only mentions sex a handful of times.

As for grammar and spelling errors, I noticed some problems. There were a few, but nothing that threw me out of the story. Erin did have a great amount of plot organization in this book compared to the first. This book is also short, but it did not feel as rushed as the first.

I absolutely suggest this book to anyone that enjoys the romance genre. This collection of books are part of the Kindle Unlimited Program. There is no harm in giving it a shot if you can download it for free!

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Be free and keep reading!

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