Writing prompt

Writing Prompt

Hello, Everyone!

Today’s prompt is, “Heart Break”. Please allow me to preface this with I was too lazy to write something new and so this is a bit of an “emo” poem I wrote after a bad break up with a boyfriend when I was younger. I know, the point of this is to do something new. But it has been a hell of a week, so you get this.

Poem- Broken


Eyes so kind and pure
Lips so soft and sweet
Arms so tender and caring
A mind so thoughtful and smart
A Heart so loving and true

The man who stole me
Stole my heart, body, and mind

He made me
Lifted me up
Called me beautiful

I was finally

I was finally

I was finally

Then he left

He stole me and left
Stole my heart
left me to my tears

I am yet again

I am unwanted

Never to be loved

Ever Again


By the way, I met my now husband the same day that this relationship ended. I am happy that I am with my husband and not the guy that inspired this, terribly written, poem.


That is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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