Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello, Everybody!

Here is a book haul for today! They are all books that had been on my To Buy list. So I will link the reviews to all of them.

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The Buried Book by D.M. Pulley

“When Althea Leary abandons her nine-year-old son, Jasper, he’s left on his uncle’s farm with nothing but a change of clothes and a Bible.

“It’s 1952, and Jasper isn’t allowed to ask questions or make a fuss. He’s lucky to even have a home and must keep his mouth shut and his ears open to stay in his uncle’s good graces. No one knows where his mother went or whether she’s coming back. Desperate to see her again, he must take matters into his own hands. From the farm, he embarks on a treacherous search that will take him to the squalid hideaways of Detroit and back again, through tawdry taverns, peep shows, and gambling houses.

“As he’s drawn deeper into an adult world of corruption, scandal, and murder, Jasper uncovers the shocking past still chasing his mother—and now it’s chasing him too.”

*Source: Goodreads page

Book Review


Wreckage by Emily Bleeker

“Lillian Linden is a liar. On the surface, she looks like a brave survivor of a plane crash. But she’s been lying to her family, her friends, and the whole world since rescue helicopters scooped her and her fellow survivor, Dave Hall, off a deserted island in the South Pacific. Missing for almost two years, the castaways are thrust into the spotlight after their rescue, becoming media darlings overnight. But they can’t tell the real story—so they lie.

“The public is fascinated by the castaways’ saga, but Lillian and Dave must return to their lives and their spouses. Genevieve Randall—a hard-nosed journalist and host of a news program—isn’t buying it. She suspects Lillian’s and Dave’s explanations about the other crash survivors aren’t true. And now, Genevieve’s determined to get the real story, no matter how many lives it destroys.”
*Source: Goodreads

Book Review


The Lie by Mary E. Twomey

This is book three in a trilogy. The series review can be found HERE

World War Three has come and gone. Most of the population has been wiped out and in its place are the B-Bloods. They are more commonly known as the Vemreaux. They are elite after finding the fountain of youth. The problem is, the fountain only works for B-bloods.

A-Bloods are now servants to the Vemreaux. Blue is a girl born with a lesser blood type. She lives and works in The Way, a work camp for A-Bloods. This child born of lesser blood could be the secret to saving many.


Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

I actually have not reviewed this book. It was a replacement buy after someone stole my old copy. I will be re-reading the series soon to do a Re-read review. In the meantime, here is a description of the series.

“For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf—her wolf—is a chilling presence she can’t seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human… until the cold makes him shift back again.”

*Description Source


That is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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