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Series Review (Terraway Series by Mary E. Twomey)

Hello, Everyone! Here is the series review I have mentioned a few times on all of my social media platforms. Terraway Series by Mary E. Twomey   Astrid's Description: Instead of an awesome character telling you how badass she is, she shows you. Then she also twists your heart with details of her life, her… Continue reading Series Review (Terraway Series by Mary E. Twomey)

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Writing Prompt Wednesday

Hello, Everyone! Just a quick post today, the prompt is more of a list. What are your questions for the universe? Here they are.   Does God exist? If he does, then why does he allow innocent people, mainly children, to be hurt? Why is all of the suffering needed, or exist, in life? Why… Continue reading Writing Prompt Wednesday

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Re-read Book Review (Austenland by Shannon Hale)

Hello, Everyone! Just before my crazy weekend camping trip, I was in a romance mood. Usually that means you would get two weeks of romance literature, however, I ended up reading two series since reading Austenland. So I will break up the romance with the Series I mentioned on my Facebook. Some background on this… Continue reading Re-read Book Review (Austenland by Shannon Hale)

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Book Review (Dragon Mystics by Jaymin Eve)

Hello, Everyone! I kid you not, my car broke down while my husband and I were camping. That means that at this  moment (Sunday, I am writing this post now and scheduling it for Tuesday), I am sitting in a very small, and smelly motel room. The mechanics don't open shop until Monday. It has… Continue reading Book Review (Dragon Mystics by Jaymin Eve)

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Book Review (Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve)

Hello, Everyone! This is the first book in a series. Any who read regularly knows that I like to review a whole series in one post, but I did not have time to finish the series. So, I will be splitting this one up a bit. Sorry about that. Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve Astrid's Description:… Continue reading Book Review (Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve)