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Re-read Book Review (Austenland by Shannon Hale)

Hello, Everyone!

Just before my crazy weekend camping trip, I was in a romance mood. Usually that means you would get two weeks of romance literature, however, I ended up reading two series since reading Austenland. So I will break up the romance with the Series I mentioned on my Facebook.

Some background on this book. I was first introduced to Shannon Hale via my best friend in Jr. High. She gave me Goose Girl. I now own that entire series as well as both Austenland books from Shannon Hale. It has been a few years since I read any of her books though, so I thought I would read it again and see if my opinion has changed.

Autenland by Shannon Hale


Astrid’s Description: After a series of terrible boyfriends and male relationships, Jane has decided that dating is not her thing. No guy could ever measure up to Mr. Darcy anyway.


I still love this book. I still love the way Shannon wrote it and I still adore all the characters. It is a well-written novel that that has always captured me from start to finish. The descriptions are vivid and timely. There aren’t boring prattling fillers. In my opinion it is an all over great read.

That is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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