Writing prompt

Writing Prompt

Hello, Everyone!

I am staying on track with today’s post. As always, just because this is a blog does not mean that the writing is free game. I own the rights to my writing and to all of my posts. Also, I love reading what all of you write based off the writing prompt. Make sure to tag or email me a link (penname.books@gmail.com) so I can read what you did!

Writing Prompt: Start your story with this sentence “The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all.”


Original Photo by DarkSouls1


The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all.

It is the control center of all elements in your body. It is the way to create new objects, concepts, and worlds. The pity is when someone refuses to develop themselves; to grow intelecually. This affects us all; whether directly or indirectly. Take the world as you know it now. If we all developed ourselves to the point of understanding others, would this not be a better place to live? If your could get and give help from and to all of those around you, would this not be a better Earth? Our laziness, our inability to grow and drop our egos causes much suffering to those around us.

A human mind is not to be wasted. See that you do not wither away. See that you grow and teach those around you to follow suit.


I know it is on the serious side of life, but I felt the need to take this opportunity to say something I always want to say. We need to remember that other people exist and that they need as much help and love as we do.


That is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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