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Book Review (The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter)

Hello, Everyone!

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The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter

weight of lies

Astrid’s Description: Do you understand what is going on? No, because once you make your guess, BAM, a twist comes. You literally have no idea who did what or what was going on until the end. Then it all came together in a mind blowing experience.


Yeah, I feel like I am totally on a roll so far this month. Just like last week, this was a great book. I thought I knew who was the killer, but I so did not. My predictions kept needing to change right to the last chapter. It was insane. Seriously, one of the best suspense novels I have recently read.

I enjoyed Emily’s writing style too. The book was well edited and kept moving at a decent pace. There were a couple of times it felt too slow to me, but it didn’t last long.

Oh, wait! There was something that bothered me. Horses aren’t led by a stallion. While there is a ranking stallion in a group, and they do sometimes take charge, it was thought that there was a Lead Mare that was the real one in charge. But a study came out in 2014 that suggests that any member of the herd can move the heard, but that the higher ranking ones are the usually the ones to suggest and execute it. But it also depends on the situation. Anyway, her horse stuff wasn’t totally wrong, but it was off and that always bugs me.

As for the grammar, I mostly listened to the audio book and therefore do not know how it did on that stand point. I did love the lady’s voice for the book though. Freaking great voices for each of the characters.

That is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

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