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Book Review (Working Fire by Emily Bleeker)

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Here is this week’s review. I did another one of Emily’s books year(ish) ago. You can find that review HERE. To find out what I am currently reading, make sure you follow me on Instagram!


Working Fire by Emily Bleeker

working fire

Astrid’s Description: My God, how much can two sisters endure before they break? Death, their father having a massive stroke, one sister’s life is on the line, debt plaguing both of their lives. On top of all of that, who shot who?


When it comes to thrillers and suspense novels, there is a a bit of a check list that I look for.

One: I do not want to be able to predict who killed who.
Two: Once we are told who killed people, I need to know why.
Three: Once I know why I need an epilogue to tell me how they are later.
Four: I need a good amount of time in between all of those steps that makes me question and be suspicious of most of the characters.

The trick with that list though is that it needs to be towards the end to keep me hooked. That is how this novel is written. Emily does a great job at keeping you hooked and needing more. On top of that she does a outstanding job at describing scenes and emotions, all while managing to make dialogue flow well.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone that likes to read suspense novels.


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