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Book Review ( Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol)

Hello, Everyone!

Sort of as promised, I am back with a book review. I picked this one up because Kindle Unlimited also allowed you to download the audio book for free. I had no idea what it was about or even what genre it was in. I have since learned that more of a dystopian/ romance/ adventure. Without further ado, here we go.



Astrid’s Description: Roselle is the girl the nation watched grow to be the beautiful woman she is today. Now, she is to be sent to do her duty as a second born. Roselle is to go to war. Her mother is The Sword, the leader of her little corner of the world. She could send Roselle anywhere, for any task, but instead of keeping her safe, she sends her only daughter to fight. It will be a struggle for her life regardless of where she is.


Well, I have mixed feelings about this. The pacing seems fast and yet slow. I felt like I was waiting for something, not sure what, for the whole book. However, while I had that waiting feeling, I was entertained with insane characters, a hint of romance, and an enthralling tale of a woman that does all she can to survive.

Personally, I loved each of the characters. Each person had an identifiable personality and arch. The book was well edited and contained vivid descriptions. It was a shame to find that book two wasn’t released yet, but I am looking forward to it coming out in April.


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Be free and keep reading!

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