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Book Review (Talon by Theresa Hissong)

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I do believe that I forgot to mention that I have several romances lined up for this month. However, some are more akin to erotica, some are shifters, and one has a little bit of a Sci-Fi undertone to it.

*WARNING: This book does contain heavy sex scenes and also has a scene that implies a rape. NOT SUGGESTED FOR ANYONE UNDER 18. 

Talon by Theresa Hissong


Astrid’s Description: The panther shifters have been outed to the media, yet only one press conference and NO press following the group around? Other than that, it is your typical, shifter falls for a human and they are true mates.


I actually am torn about this one. There are several good aspects to it. For example, females cannot be touched by any male that is not her mate or alpha. The shifter rules are laid out and followed (i.e. there is not some special person that is somehow too special to follow the “shifting” rules) Each character has their own personality. So on and so forth. What seems to bother me is the editing that is needed.

There are several grammar mistakes. Two examples:

“Being a bar owner at the age of twenty was not something she’d imagined for herself at this age.”
*source: Talon by Theresa Hissong pg. 10
Does not need to repeat age part.
“They woman smiled warmly at Liberty.”
*source: Talon by Theresa Hissong pg. 111

There are a few parts that do not make sense. Examples:

“”Your tongue is rough,”… “”My panther,” he growled around his partially shifted mouth.”
*source: Talon by Theresa Hissong pg. 153
Did the author not think about how big a panther tongue is and how small our human mouths tend to be?
“It wasn’t very often that Talon spoke about his kind to her. So, if she was being honest, she wanted to get all the answers she could while he was in the mood to talk.”
*source: Talon by Theresa Hissong pg. 84
First, they are on their first date. Is it just me, or do you usually ask the person you are dating questions about themselves? Why would the main girl need to explain why she was letting him talk when she asked him a question to begin with? Also, other than a few looks to each other over the years, they only just started to show interest in the other. So once again, she is trying to get to know him and does not need to explain away his talking.


Repeated information:

“It’d been Talon’s idea that the panthers keep an eye on her…”
*source: Talon by Theresa Hissong pg. 93
We know, in the previous chapter we read the argument that happened between the two when he said he was going to have the panthers watch her to keep her safe. Have faith that your readers know what is going on.


There are a few other parts that I highlighted, but it isn’t worth getting into. Let us end on a good note. I did enjoy most of her descriptions. The character arcs are well done as is the story line. I am not sure I like the antagonist, but she at least makes something work throughout the book.

All in all, not a bad read, but also not the best one ever. There are more in the series, but I have opted not to buy them. If they had been part of the Kindle Unlimited program I may have gone for it, but paying several dollars for more books that may or may not be good, wasn’t worth it to me.


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