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Book Review (Wolf Signs: Northern Lights Edition by Vivian Arend)

Hello, Everyone!

Does anyone else buy all the free books they find interesting on Amazon? I do it almost every weekend. Although it is awesome for me, what is not so great is that I almost never read/ review them. As those of you who have been with me for a while know, it is my biggest pet-peeve to giveaway books and not receive any feedback. Yeah, I bug myself as much as others bug me.

Usually, when I look for a new book to read, I to go to the kindle store and buy several new books and only read one or two of those. This causes a never ending cycle of buying more books than I read. It was my goal in April to read and set up the reviews for May so that way if life hit me again, I would not have to worry about not having enough time to read. I did a good job seeing as I have May and June done and (as of this review) the first two weeks of July are also finished.  Did I mention that I am typing this on the last day of April? I literally have over two months to read and review books. In that time I will try to read as many of the books I already own.

In my kindle library I organized all the books by author (A-Z) and this book I am reviewing today is the first book that came up. Now, shall we see how many of the 350 (give or take a few) books I can knock out before the end of July? Depending on how busy life gets, July may end up bringing all of you two book reviews a week.

Hopefully, you all are looking forward to that. Now, finally, onto the review.

*This book is Erotica. So please come back next week if you are under the age of 18 or are easily offended. Thank You!*

Wolf Signs: Northern Lights Edition by Vivian Arend

Wolf Signs

Astrid’s Description: When Robyn goes camping without her brother, the last thing she expected was to run into a massive man… and find out a secret about herself that was kept from her.


Well, overall I enjoyed the story. I was a little bummed that it was short (169 pages). The story was kind of quick and (obviously) mostly contained sex. Although, the background story was interesting enough, it was not as detailed as it could have been. Yes, I understand that erotica is mostly sex, but that doesn’t mean a little more effort in the non-sex bits can’t happen.

Her grammar was not bad though there were a few sentences that were a bit silly… and, of course, I forgot to highlight them. Oy. I do not want to go through the book again to find them, so please trust me. I may end up reading more fromt his author, but I haven’t decided. I mostly don’t know if I want to pay three bucks for a novella.

Anyway, at the time of me writing this review, this book is free for kindle.


That is all for today.

Be free and keep reading!

Ta, ta.

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