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Writing Prompt- The Woman

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Writing Prompt: After doing a reverse search for the photo, it seems it is from a card for the game Magic the Gathering. I found it on Reddit.


THE WOMAN by Astrid Lee Miles

Staring at myself in the mirror always brought on the tightening of my body. Self-hatred filled to the brim of my mind’s capacity left me frozen. Always zeroing in on my missing limb the disgust grew. Then, knees buckle and smack against the hardwood. Mentally spiraling into a crying heap of pitifulness. Losing my arm made me lose myself. Before the accident I had longed for love. Longed for the graceful touch of a man who would burn me with desires I had never known before. Now, it could never be.

I left my house that day, after the daily freak out, for the only reason I ever leave. The cold box, which usually held food, was empty. I lived on the outskirts of a big town in a little two-bedroom cottage. The town was the biggest one around. It was easier to hide amongst all the many faces.

The widest dirt path led to the center of town. It was bustling with people shopping, laughing, and arguing. I kept my cloak clasped around me, with the hood up. Silently, I stepped around many people. Anxiety and shame directed my gaze more at the road beneath my feet than anything else. I headed to the shopping stalls. Never choosing the one I used the week before. And, never speaking more than a than I must. The thing that made this day different was the man that bumped into me.

Before looking into his face, he seemed average. His build was neither massive, nor small. I said a small, “Excuse me,” and tried to move around him.

He moved to stand in my way. “Please, I came over here to talk to you.” His voice was smooth. It transformed my body to liquid and pushed my head up, so I could look into the eyes of the man. They were deep pools that washed over me and cleared me of all thought.

After gazing upon his masculine face and into the stunning eyes, I found myself agreeing to everything he said. That was how I ended up in a forest making love to a man I hardly knew. After the embarrassing moment among the dirt and plant life, he asked me to stand for him. Pose with my arm, and a stub of a second arm, up in my naked form. As with everything else he requested, I obliged, even though a part of me hadn’t wanted to.

The gradual stiffing of my body was unnoticeable until it was too late. I couldn’t move as I turned wooden. Leaves, moss, and vines covered the wooden frame I now was.

The Forest of Lost Love has but one rule, stay silent to stay alive. We stand around waiting for the new addition, while also praying that there will be no more. Master is too deceptive, to clever for that. He brings woman after woman to the forest, and none leave with Master. They are encased in wooden bodies and stuck, like me. This is a cautionary tale for any who dare to enter our forest with a strange, but gorgeous man. He will make you feel enchantingly beautiful. He will weave impressive, believable tales with his wicked tongue. After he gets his fill of your body, you will be forever stuck.


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