I am Astrid Lee Miles. I am your plain everyday girl, nothing different or too exciting. I love reading books and writing them. A few years ago I was struggling and wrote a full-length novel.

Although my ‘About Me’ descriptions in my books are usually lighthearted and funny, I enjoy writing about serious issues. The first book I wrote (Recovering is an Art)  is about a girl’s journey to a better life after growing up in a horrendous situation. This will be the first book of a long series of people trying to better their lives after going through difficult times. I try to make these as real as possible. I spend months gathering information and writing because I care. I am someone who has grown up in unpleasant circumstances and I want everyone out there to know that they are not alone.

However, every once in a while I get an itch to do something different. If you are not into the deep, heavy contemporary fiction, then try my fantasy novels. They are the ones written under the nameA.L. Miles. These still have a serious note, but are a little more fun and imaginative.

This is me. This is my journey to greatness! Now, tell me, who are you?