Absinthe by A.L. Miles
(I have not picked a name for this series yet…suggestions?)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00061]“He pictured my mangled body beneath his. I am going to die, and he is going to be the one to kill me…”

Absinthe is a young and prosperous artist with an extra special talent. She can read and control minds. Because of this, she has never let anyone get close to her. Absinthe is content being that way. That is she was until the threat on her life forces her to let others in.

Ash is a good-looking man that was instantly drawn to Absinthe. There are immediate sparks between them until his roommate, Desnic, begins to stalk Absinthe. With the threat of Desnic’s killer thoughts, Ash and Absinthe must combine their talents to keep Absinthe safe. Join them on the dangerous journey of love, betrayal, and survival.

* Book contains some adult content (18+)

This cover my FAVORITE one that I have made thus far. It took me hours to do, but man it turned out better than I hoped. Seriously, you should click on it and look at it in the large picture. It is just beautiful. This exquisite tree is roughly based off of an art piece Absinthe does in the book.

Anyway, so the background on this story. Absinthe is mostly a dream I had one night. I thought it was such a thrilling idea that others should hear it and experience it for themselves. Of course, I did change details and made it more exciting to read, but it is basically the dream I had.

Absinthe is the third book I published, and it was the most fun to write. I recently took it down and then re-published it. I had some good feedback from readers telling me that they did not see the “bad” guy as bad. So I added chapters about him to make it better. I have gotten great feedback from doing so.


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The Voice In My Head by A.L. Miles
[Title may change]

[No Cover Yet]

I believe that this is the first time I have mentioned a book two. My hope with this book is that it will completely throw you for a loop. It is still in the beginning stages because I have been trying to get my other books done first so I can get myself into the distorted frame of mind for this one. Stayed tuned for more information on The Voice In My Head!

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