Recovering Series

Recovering is an Art by Astrid Lee Miles
Book One in the Recovering Series


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00061]This contemporary novel dives deeply into the dark, depressing feelings of a girl, Olivia, during and after abuse and rape.

Recovering is an Art is a first-person perspective of a girl as her life is in the deepest pit thus far, she is given an opportunity to make it better. The problem is, a change of scene does not make her existence all better.
Excerpt from book: “Do you know what depression is?” I questioned him as we pulled up to the curb of my school. I roughly ripped my seat belt off.
“It is the feeling of loss of hope, courage, and you feel sad.” He replied in a small, deflated, voice. He knew he had lost this battle.
I could have dropped it here, but I was finally letting this out, and I did not want to stop.
“No. Depression is the unseen, unheard, silent killer. It is a pain that is too much to cope with, too hard to deal with and never understood. It is something that you cannot escape. No matter how hard you try, it ALWAYS swallows you again. It constantly follows you around, like black smoke choking you from the inside out. Like a lion clawing at your heart and mind, eating pieces of you until there is nothing left.
“That, Shawn, is depression, and Ryan has kept me above the drowning waters.” I continued allowing my anger to break through.”

*This book contains graphic scenes.

I truly love this book. Recovering is an Art is my debut novel. I was inspired to write it when my husband and I were having a particularly difficult life situation. My depression had made me plummet to a low I had never gotten to before.

I desperately needed an escape. I needed a place to write about my thoughts and feelings. Then my mother-in-law got all upset because I had said that I loved the movie Speak. She could not believe that any movie containing rape was a “good” movie. Cue me being thoroughly pissed off. I was (and am) sick of rape and abuse being topics that need to be hush, hush. All that does is make the men and women that have been through these challenging experiences feel even more excluded and different.

I hope that when people read my book, they can see that they are not alone. That so many others out there are feeling the pain that they feel. Most important, I hope that they see how amazing they are and that life is worth living.

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Samantha Jane Taylor by Astrid Lee Miles
Book Two in the Recovering Series

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00061]“No one will love you if you are not perfect.”

All Sam ever wanted was to be loved. She was taught that if she looked perfect, then love would follow. *Giving her body away to any man who looked at her created a vast emptiness inside. Even so, she did not question the wisdom her “adoptive” mother shared. That is until Samantha was reunited with her sister Olivia.

Why did her sister’s scarred face end up with someone like Ryan? Samantha Jane Taylor grows envious and crude. These feelings cause her to hurt her beloved sister in a way she had never hurt anyone before. Can Sam repair the damage or is she forever stuck with this warped idea of love?

So Recovering is an Art was going to be a standalone novel, until one night when I read about a man that had been abused for years, and no one would help him. This sparked an idea. Why not write about other people and topics that are difficult for people to stomach? I was going to publish Recovering is an Art in a couple of months when I decided to I change the entire ending just so I could continue working on the series. I am glad that I had waited to publish.

I am starting with Sam and then continuing down the line of life’s challenges.

Samantha Jane Taylor will be completed in Winter/ Fall of 2017. If you are interested in being a beta reader, please click HERE and fill out an application. Don’t forget to tell me what book you are most interested in!

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