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The Outline Process

Hello, Everyone! This is a long post, buckle up and enjoy the ride 🙂 If you are new here, welcome. On Wednesday's I talk about my WIP (work in progress) and writerly things I have found useful. Moving forward from last week,  the book I forgot about is Write On!: Your Easy-to-Follow Guide for Writing Essays… Continue reading The Outline Process

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More Writing Resources

Hello, Everyone! If you have been keeping up with my Wednesday posts then you know this is the day of the week I tell you what I am up to and share writerly things I have enjoyed using. The update for what I am doing is I now have a good idea and have began… Continue reading More Writing Resources



Hello, Everyone! Goodness me, there was a great deal I wanted to talk about. Now that I am here, at the computer, typing, it has all run (probably screaming) out of my mind. I imagine them to be little thought bubbles floating away from my head. It is making me chuckle. Okay, focusing... well, I… Continue reading HOW DO I TITLE THIS?????

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Hello, Everyone! Samantha Jane Taylor, book two for Recovering is an Art, will be available for purchase, again, on Friday, August 3, 2018. I know it has been months since taking it down. What happened was the wrong manuscript was uploaded and then we couldn't find the completed one. I had to re-edit and have an… Continue reading Update!

Book Reviews

Book Review (Claimed by Evangeline Anderson)

Hello, Everyone! I am still sick, and I think slightly less delusional... I don't know, I guess we'll find out together how with it I am. On to the main event! *Warning* This book is erotica and does contain a lot of explicit sex scenes. If you are under 18 or easily offended, please leave.… Continue reading Book Review (Claimed by Evangeline Anderson)

Book Reviews

Series Review– kind of– (The Premonition Series by Amy A. Bartol)

Hello, Everyone! Just a heads up, I am feeling a bit delusional due to a head cold, so I hope this review makes sense. Book two in my goal to read every book I have downloaded and not read is Premonition: The Series Volumes 1-5 by Amy A. Bartol. This is a collection of all the novels… Continue reading Series Review– kind of– (The Premonition Series by Amy A. Bartol)