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My Outline Process Example (writing prompt)

Hello, Everyone! If you are new here, welcome, and consider following for updates on writerly things on Wednesdays and book reviews on Mondays. Quick update on my life. The house is mostly fixed now, and the family is, well as good as it'll get. Hopefully, I will get back on track with my goals. Also,… Continue reading My Outline Process Example (writing prompt)

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The Outline Process

Hello, Everyone! This is a long post, buckle up and enjoy the ride 🙂 If you are new here, welcome. On Wednesday's I talk about my WIP (work in progress) and writerly things I have found useful. Moving forward from last week,  the book I forgot about is Write On!: Your Easy-to-Follow Guide for Writing Essays… Continue reading The Outline Process

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More Writing Resources

Hello, Everyone! If you have been keeping up with my Wednesday posts then you know this is the day of the week I tell you what I am up to and share writerly things I have enjoyed using. The update for what I am doing is I now have a good idea and have began… Continue reading More Writing Resources


Questions #6

Hello, Everyone! If you have questions for me, you can leave it in the comment area below, ask me on any of my social media pages (all linked in the sidebar or below), or email me at Now on to the questions!   1. A common idea entwined with authors is that they are socially… Continue reading Questions #6