Wolf Series

My Other Half by A.L. Miles
Book One in the Wolf Series


My Other Half Cover New B- front“That friend is nothing more than a pup trying to
wiggle his way into my territory.

When Celena finds her mate, she is disappointed. Sure he is good looking and strong, but there is one significant issue. Decebal does not know what he is. Agitated, she confides her concerns to her close friend Victor.

“I can challenge him.” He answers.

Celena finds the suggestion interesting, but believes it would not be a valid solution. Victor, on the other hand, will not give up that quickly.

Decebal and his wolf become increasingly irritated at the small pup. He is Celena’s best friend and he is in the way far too often. They hurt recognizing that their mate would rather be with an Underling than them. Determined, Decebal strives to learn the way of the wolves and win Celena’s heart.


My Other Half is the second book I wrote and published. It was a bit of a thank you to Gabi and Andy. They are my sisters that pushed me to keep writing. They also encouraged me to become better than I am. Looking back I feel like I could have done better with this book and Recovering is an Art. However, instead of allowing that negativity keep from moving forward, I have changed the way I write in the books that have since published.

One of those books being The Healer Who Needed Healing.

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The Healer Who Needed Healing by A.L. Miles
Book Two in the Wolf Series


Cover A- frontOnce upon a time, a little witch loved to work as a healer with her mother. The happy child thought her life was perfect. One pain- filled night changed the life she had forever. Now faced with the lonely world around her, Andy must learn to survive on her own. When she meets Celena, it seems as though she could be loved once more. It took time, but Andy finally felt like she belonged somewhere.

When Zayne comes into her life she runs from the pain she is convinced will come with his love.

If I am completely honest, I hate doing the descriptions for my books. That includes this one. It just does not do the story justice. There is so much pain and joy that the pages hold and I never feel like there are words to describe it accurately. Plus, I never know how much to include to make it stick and sound appealing. Andy is loosely based off of my sister, Andy. When she popped up in the first book of this series, I had people ask for more background information on Gabi and Andy. I listened, and I got it done. The next book will be Gabi’s background. Subscribe to be notified of my blog posts so you don’t miss the announcement for the release date.

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